Classes at the Eishinkan Aikido Dojo...

 Adult Aikido classes at the Eishinkan studio challenge students to work on the intricacies of each technique. Our twenty plus years (per instructor) of experience from demonstrations to seminars & exams, not to mention a great many hours of teaching provides the student with an ideal learning environment. The Eishinkan dojo has up to five instructors teaching at any given time. This is a great benefit to the student as exposure to more than one instructor can open doors by being given the opportunity to see things in different perspectives.

 Aikido is a complete system for the physical & mental development of the body, mind and spirit. The physical benefits are increased strength, endurance, conditioning, coordination, balance and stress reduction. Aikido students learn to be grounded and centered in their daily lives. The mental benefits of Aikido training are improved concentration, mental clarity, self-confidence and a more pronounced self-image.

 A typical children’s class integrates warm-ups, basic movements or “Kihon Dosa”, techniques and games. Older children study the “Kihon Dosa” basic movements more in depth and learn how to apply this to technique both on the tatami floor and if needed on the playground.

 Yoshinkan Aikido is a non-competitive and non-aggressive martial art. We don’t spar with other students using protective head gear & gloves, nor do we compete at competitions as sport. Aikido develops their physical, mental and coordination skills creating strong self esteem & confidence.

 We run a traditional dojo which means that while having fun is always encouraged, the children are still expected to follow proper protocol and etiquette. Commands, techniques & test are given in Japanese with instruction in English.

About Us

 The Eishinkan Aikido Dojo was founded in July 2001 and became a full member of the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation in October 2003. We are are located in Anaheim, CA. - in the Servite Wrestling and Judo Complex. Our core training revolves around the traditional Yoshinkan Aikido principles and methodology.

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